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Though the ten central banks with least legal independence exhibit a significantly smaller lagged neutralisation coefficient than the ten central banks with most legal independence, neither of these groups of central banks exhibits any significant independence based on the sum of current and lagged neutralisation coefficients.
most independent) exhibit higher positive neutralisation coefficients in Table 1.
based on the estimated neutralisation coefficients, none of these groups of central banks, except for the group of seven central banks that assessed themselves as less independent in the BoE questionnaire, takes any independent action to counteract changes in the government's fiscal stance.
The results indicate that central banks in low-deficit countries have significantly larger neutralisation coefficients than central banks in high-deficit countries.
Here, the implied contemporaneous neutralisation coefficient of -0.
Central banks in countries with low reserve/deposit ratios have an implied contemporaneous neutralisation coefficient of -0.
Table 23: Dynesys Dynamic Neutralisation system - A Clinical Study Of The Dynesys Spinal System As A Non-Fusion Device For Spinal Stabilization
Table 24: Dynesys Dynamic Neutralisation system - Clinical Outcomes Following Posterior Lateral Fusion With The Dynesys Spinal System
As a rule of thumb, the company says a suitable treatment time for the complete precipitation of heavy metals is about 20 minutes and for the neutralisation of acids, about three to four minutes.
Because less IMP Ecomag is used in the neutralisation of acids, a reduction in total dissolved solids in the treated effluent is realised.
As neutralisation and precipitation are not instantaneous, it will be necessary to increase the retention time until the desired treatment is effected and/or increase agitation in the reaction tank.