neutral spirits

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neu·tral spir·its

spirits distilled from suitable raw materials, are 95% ethanol (v/v), that is, at least 190 proof when distilled. Used for blending with straight whiskey and for making gin, cordials, liqueurs, and vodka.
See also: alcohol.
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Southern Comfort -- An American liqueur produced since 1874 from a base of grain neutral spirits and flavored with peach liqueur, fresh peach and citrus extracts.
Magellan--The small batch gin is made in Cognac from triple-distilled neutral spirits, spring water and 11 freeze-dried botanicals.
This involves a continuous flow of the neutral spirits through tanks containing at least 1.
Compound gin, a less costly method, is produced by combining neutral spirits with the oil and extracts of the desired botanicals.
A premium brand may contain as many as 75 different straight whiskies and grain neutral spirits.
Census Categories - NAICS 31213 - Wineries is 100% comparable to SIC 2084 - Wineries Sub-Industries - Wines, brandy, and brandy spirits - Wines - Wine coolers (beverages) - Brandy and brandy spirits - Brandy - Brandy spirits - Neutral spirits, fruit - Wine cellars, bonded: engaged in blending wines
Founded in 1890 and headquartered in Managua, Nicaragua, Compania Licorera de Nicaragua (CLDN) is a recognized leader in the production of the finest sugarcane-based spirits in the world, including nine types of rum, four aguardientes, neutral spirits and aged alcohol.
The latent demand for bottled blends of whiskey without neutral spirits in Greater China is not actual or historic sales.
and there will still be latent demand for bottled blends of whiskey without neutral spirits at the aggregate level.