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Abundance and spatial distribution of neustonic copepodits of Microsetella rosea (Harpaticoida, Ectinosomatidae) along the western Magellan coast, southern Chile.
In the eastern North Pacific Ocean a number of fish species have neustonic larvae, such as the commercially important Sablefish (Anoplopoma fimbria), but not all larvae have been fully described for all species.
Opaleye larvae are neustonic, usually found up to 110 km from shore (Stevens et al.
They are especially abundant in mid-latitude surface waters and can be caught in neustonic nets.
In addition to the lack of studies on non-calanoid species, there is also little available research regarding neustonic communities along the Chilean coast (Palma & Kaiser, 1993).
Eggs collected from neustonic surface collections represented all stages of development (Fig.
Small patches of turbulence and slow motion breaks the regularity of the system also in the horizontal scale, decomposing the system into horizontally heterogeneous units, responsible for heterogeneous distribution of planktonic organisms (phyto, zooplankton and bacteria) as well as neustonic organisms dissolved and particulate organic matter.
Temporal variability of neustonic ichthyoplankton assemblages of the eastern Pacific warm pool: can community structure be linked to climate variability?
Most benthic, neustonic, and terrestrial groups have very few transparent members, although there are exceptions.