neurovascular bundle

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neurovascular bundle (nerˈ·ō·vasˑ·ky·ler bunˑ·dl),

n grouping of nerve and blood vessels. Often the nerves are responsible for con-trolling the dilation of the blood vessels.
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The combination of patient age, activity level, and proximity of wire fragments to the intra-articular space and the posterior neurovascular bundle should aid the surgeon in determining if wire fragments should be removed.
Placement of the suture can occasionally be associated with bleeding if there is any injury to the pudendal neurovascular bundle or its associated branches.
Important neurosurgical techniques included (1) visually identifying the nerves in the inferior neurovascular bundle and testing at that location, (2) implanting the barb electrode with a needle close to the nerve and testing, and (3) final testing following abdominal closure.
When enlarged, this structure could present as a groin or pelvic mass that could produce symptoms via mass effect on neurovascular bundles.
In cases where another digit has been injured, that digit may be transferred with its intact neurovascular bundle, and attached to the top of the injured thumb.
Preservation of the erectile function after radical prostatectomy depends on precise and adequate separation of the cavernous nerves in the neurovascular bundle from the prostate.
His unique approach to prostate removal, SMART Surgery, leaves the endopelvic fascia and dorsal vein complex in tact, significantly reducing impact on the neurovascular bundle.
As a result, there is less damage to the neurovascular bundle and his patients receive excellent recovery rates for prostate cancer cure, sexual potency, and urinary continence.
Neurovascular bundle preservation, when performed, was recorded as either unilateral or bilateral.
Toyoaki Uchida, MD, Professor of Urology Department, Tokai University from Japan presented seven-year clinical data at the annual Users group meeting and highlighted new software upgrades of the Sonablate(R) 500 which allow for faster treatment, 3-dimensional imaging with accurate treatment planning and color-Doppler neurovascular bundle (NVB) detection.