neurovascular bundle

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neurovascular bundle (nerˈ·ō·vasˑ·ky·ler bunˑ·dl),

n grouping of nerve and blood vessels. Often the nerves are responsible for con-trolling the dilation of the blood vessels.
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The neurovascular bundle is retracted with a red vessel loop, the forceps is inserted between the posterior tibial artery and veins (below the forceps) and the tibial nerve, which is the size of a pencil.
The neurovascular bundle is localized 1-2 cm underneath the skin.
Preservation of the neurovascular bundles is associated with improved time to continence after radical prostatectomy but not long-term continence rates: Results of a systematic review and meta-analysis.
The combination of patient age, activity level, and proximity of wire fragments to the intra-articular space and the posterior neurovascular bundle should aid the surgeon in determining if wire fragments should be removed.
All (n=41) had close proximity of injury to neurovascular bundle.
Placement of the suture can occasionally be associated with bleeding if there is any injury to the pudendal neurovascular bundle or its associated branches.
This approach is based on the importance of not causing further disruption to the periodontal ligament and dental neurovascular bundle [Jacobsen, 1983; Saroglu, 2006].
This location was next to or on the inferior neurovascular bundle, between the ureters and bladder neck.
Although both anterior/lateral and superficial posterior intracompartmental pressures can be measured in the office, deep posterior compartment testing should be done under ultrasound guidance to avoid damaging the neurovascular bundle, said Dr.
The subpubic space when viewed in the mid-line sagittal plane is a triangle defined inferiorly by deep penile fascia (Buck's) encasing the penile neurovascular bundle and the corpora cavernosa, superiorly by the pubic symphysis and anteriorly by the membranous layer of the superficial fascia (Scarpa's).
Neurovascular bundle (NVB) dissection was not found to be a risk factor for positive surgical margins in "adequately selected patients.
Building up the pectoral muscles by weight training has been found to cause these symptoms as the pectoral muscle is one structure that can compress the neurovascular bundle.