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Pertaining to neuropsychology.
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Wang, "Cortical thickness in neuropsychologically near-normal schizophrenia," Schizophrenia Research, vol.
In order to be able to evaluate the neuropsychological consequences of HIV infection, it is important to determine the influence of other variables, whether related to the infection or not, which are also associated with the development of neuropsychological disturbances and which may make the seropositive subject more vulnerable neuropsychologically (Cohen et al., 2015; Rodriguez-Alvarez & Vazquez-Justo, 2002; Vazquez-Justo & Rodriguez-Alvarez, 2002;).
All the control subjects were tested neuropsychologically and with the detection test in the same way as the patients (see Neuropsychological diagnosis).
The HIV-infected individuals with neuropsychologically impairment had a higher risk of dying than those without impairment.
The examination emphasized the fact that protrusive negativism was activated regardless of the trigger and that difficulties in attaining aims were possibly also caused by neuropsychologically founded experiential learning capacity reduction.
Are schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder neuropsychologically distinguishable.
Neuropsychologically, it is unclear why ayahuasca users produced more original solutions.
Impact of gender and age on executive functioning: Do girls and boys with and without attention deficit hyperactivity disorder differ neuropsychologically in preteen and teenage years?
By using the BADS to neuropsychologically evaluate inmates, we tried to advance beyond the number of relatively disorganized studies that have suggested that there is a prefrontal deficit in this population.