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Pertaining to neuropsychology.
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The neuropsychological testing portion of the evaluation involves performing various pen-and-paper and computerized tests, some of which are similar to those included in the MMSE and MoCA.
Given all of these considerations, we used broad neuropsychological measures related with EF and age-appropriate rating scales of EF to test the hypothesis that Chinese preschool children with ADHD have poorer performance in neuropsychological functions on EF and related abilities compared to normally developed peers.
As there can be substantial differences between normative groups and the population being assessed, it is important to be aware of cultural differences when completing neuropsychological assessments (Horton, 2008; Wong, 2006).
Prevalence and incidence rates of MS have been increased in Greece [8] but neuropsychological assessment is not included in routine clinical evaluations.
The researchers used a neuropsychological battery to assess intelligence quotient (IQ), memory, attention/concentration, executive functions, and language.
Executive function test: These neuropsychological tests selected for assessing participants' executive functions were conducted by the researcher who had received training in this field from a consultant psychologist prior to the implementation.
Neuropsychological assessment is another method of obtaining information about cognition.
However, these findings are still controversial because several studies have found no such associations, nor with neuropsychological performance (17,23), nor with hippocampal measures (24-26).
Cognitive science company Cogstate Ltd (ASX.CGS) and Clinical Ink, a provider of eSource and patient engagement technologies, on Tuesday reported a strategic alliance to provide enhanced tablet-based neuropsychological assessments for CNS clinical trials.
Keywords: cognitive outcomes, neuropsychological outcomes, subarachnoid hemorrhage, work, work productivity
Neuropsychological functioning in methadone maintenance patients with HIV
Seafood consumption during pregnancy is thought to be beneficial for child neuropsychological development, but few, if any, large cohort studies with high fatty fish consumption have analyzed the association by seafood subtype.

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