neuromyelitis optica

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inflammation of nervous and medullary substance; myelitis attended with neuritis.
neuromyelitis op´tica combined demyelination of the optic nerve and spinal cord, with diminution of vision and possible blindness, flaccid paralysis of extremities, and sensory and genitourinary disturbances.

neu·ro·my·e·li·tis op·'ti·ca

a demyelinating disorder consisting of a transverse myelopathy and optic neuritis.
Synonym(s): Devic disease

neu·ro·my·e·li·tis op·ti·ca

(nūr'ō-mī-ĕ-lī'tis op'tik-ă)
A demyelinating disorder consisting of a transverse myelopathy and optic neuritis.
Synonym(s): Devic disease.

neuromyelitis optica

An acute nervous system disorder featuring DEMYELINATION of the tracts in the nerve tracts in the spinal cord and both optic nerves. The condition occurs about a week after an attack of measles or chickenpox or may follow vaccination. There is headache, vomiting, stiff neck, paralysis and blindness and the death rate is high. In those who survive, recovery is often surprisingly complete. Also known as Devic's disease. (Eugene Devic, 1858–1930, French physician).


Eugène, French physician, 1869-1930.
Devic disease - a demyelinating disorder consisting of a transverse myelopathy and optic neuritis. Synonym(s): neuromyelitis optica
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