neuromuscular system

neu·ro·mus·cu·lar sys·tem

the muscles of the body collectively and the nerves supplying them.
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And some amazing movies have been made out of tales of surviving life-threatening diseases: The Theory of Everything shares the inspiring story of physicist Stephen Hawking as he battled Lou Gehrig's disease, a disease that damages the neuromuscular system; A Beautiful Mind poignantly depicted John Nash's battle with paranoid schizophrenia; Dallas Buyers Club, which won Matthew McConaughey an Oscar, tells a powerful journey of a man diagnosed with AIDS who refused to accept that he had only 30 days to live.
The physical examination should especially focus on the neuromuscular system. (1) Hyperkinesis is said to be the most distinctive and useful finding to diagnose serotonin syndrome.
This can be a disadvantage when it comes to vitamin D - which can affect regulation of the immune system, the neuromuscular system, the life cycle of human cells and calcium for bones.
Exercise-induced muscle fatigue is defined as a reversible reduction in the neuromuscular system's capacity to generate force or power [1].
In the case of kitesurfing athletes, an important increase in the performance of the dynamic equilibrium was observed; as such, it could be argued that chronic adaptations in the neuromuscular system of these athletes have occurred as a result of their participation in the kitesurfing sport.
Neuroelectrophysiological tests are tools that are used to further explore the neuromuscular system. It is not necessary to argue how many exact muscles fibers are involved in composing waveform spikes; instead, we are interested in whether the method can aid in clinical work or in research.
"It dampens down the neuromuscular system through short periods of extreme coldness." Some players are keen on the process, others less so and again Coleman's support staff use their intimate knowledge of the squad to get an understanding of what will work for who and making sure they use at least four of the different stratgies on offer.
The human body consists of many different types of tissues, achieves a vast array of possible limb configurations, and is characterized by dynamic modulation of the neuromuscular system. Because of these complex characteristics, it has been suggested that testing prosthetic components in vivo, with the human acting as part of the test system, represents a preferable environment for the assessment of prosthetic function [15].
In our study NCS/EMG studies of 32.8% were normal studies depicting that in these patients the cause of hypotonia was not located within the peripheral neuromuscular system. In contrast 13% of the floppy children in a three hypotonic series were found to be of unknown etiology4.
By retraining the neuromuscular system and stretching in a certain way the body feels more flexible and it can do more work for you.
(8) In the SNB neuromuscular system, sexual dimorphism in the spinal cord is organized through an androgen receptor-mediating mechanism.