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A modified form of melanin pigment normally found in certain neurons of the nervous system, especially in the substantia nigra and locus ceruleus.
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If black dot/locus coeruleus provides the body's central capacity for transfiguration, then neuromelanin provides the biogenetic mechanism centrally responsible for transfiguring.
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Neuromelanin is similar to eumelanin, but its function in the brain is only partially understood.
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Also causing PD is the dramatic reduction in neuromelanin production, leading to the degenerative condition of patients, which includes tremors and impaired motor skills.
Differentiation of human embryonic stem cells in a step wise protocol into human midbrain organoids that contain neuromelanin.
in 2003 it had been proposed that there occurs impaired iron acquisition by neuromelanin cells in brain due to impaired transferring receptor regulation.
Considerations have included lipofuscin, melanin, neuromelanin, a melanin-like substance, or simply oxidative byproducts of minocycline.
Consistent with this, we have recently shown that continuous (three months) bright light exposure of rats induces formation of neuromelanin and reduces tyrosine hydroxylase positive neurons in the substantia nigra [9].
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