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neuromas, neuromata

See neuroma.
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Traumatic neuromas are a well established finding in patients status post amputation; however, traumatic neuromas in patients who have undergone mastectomy is not widely reported.
Technical modifications to the middle fossa craniotomy approach in removal of acoustic neuromas.
Conclusion: The most common cerebellopontine angle tumor is acoustic neuroma which is followed by meningioma, epidermoid and arachnoid cyst.
Preservation of facial, cochlear, and other nerve functions in acoustic neuroma treatment.
Considering the possible causal relationship between these two pathologies, MTP instability should be examined for carefully in patients diagnosed with interdigital neuromas, especially in neuromas occurring in the second intermetatarsal space.
Computed Tomography (CT scan) is without doubt the most valuable and informative neuroradiological method in the diagnosis of Acoustic Neuroma.
In fact the condition had already been well described by the British practitioner; Lewis Durlacher (1792 -1864), Surgeon-Chiropodist to the British Royal Households of King George IV, King William IV and Queen Victoria, although, naturally, Durlacher did not call it 'Mortons Neuroma (Durlacher 1845), instead referring to a 'Metatarsalgia'.
Aunque la incidencia de los neuromas interdigitales en la poblacion general no ha sido determinada, puede ser considerada como una patologia muy frecuente.
If you have pain between the third and fourth toes, you most likely have a Morton's neuroma.
38) The power of ultrasound imaging to diagnose traumatic neuromas is high where commonly the ultrasound show that the nerve distal to the neuroma is enlarged.
Most acoustic neuromas are idiopathic, while others occur as an autosomal dominant form that manifests as neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF2).
The product is hoped to help patients suffering from pain as a result of conditions such as Morton's neuroma affecting the ball of the foot, amputations or other nerve damage in the foot.