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neuromas, neuromata

See neuroma.
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A less invasive procedure, according to Fallat, which uses precisely targeted injections of ice, is proving very effective as an alternative to surgery for treating neuromas that fail non-surgical methods.
The clinical trial will use an online pain questionnaire and MRI imaging of the nerves treated before and after surgery to compare the outcomes of TMR and the current standard surgical treatment for painful neuromas.
The neuroma diagnosis is confirmed by pinching the space between the third and fourth toes while squeezing the foot from side to side.
As we continue our advanced research and development in the area of peripheral nerve repair for long gap nerve injuries, we are pleased to extend our existing product line to address an immediate clinical need in the area of neuroma formation at the terminal ends of injured nerves, "said ShuTung Li, Ph.
Neurosurgery combined with neurotology (n euro-otology) surgery is the first choice of treatment for removing an acoustic neuroma, to prevent the permanent loss of hearing.
Two very large neuromas were found imbedded in the dermis in exploration of the volar flap, and then resected.
Researchers believed acoustic neuroma - a benign cancer between the ear and the brain - might be caused by mobile use.
Acoustic neuromas are benign tumours which grow in the nerve connecting the ear and inner ear to the brain.
NF-2 is considered the "central nervous system" disease, characterized by its hallmark bilateral acoustic neuromas and intracranial tumors, especially benign meningiomas and ependymomas (Greenberg, Aminoff, & Simon, 2002).
In short there's a possibility that radiation emissions from base stations can cause cancer and DNA damage, and mobiles held close to the head could affect brain function and cause acoustic neuromas, a rare tumour.