neuroma cutis

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a tumor or new growth largely made up of nerve cells and nerve fibers. adj., adj neurom´atous.
acoustic neuroma a benign tumor within the auditory canal arising from the eighth cranial (acoustic) nerve. Hearing loss begins in the teens or early 20's and may be surgically managed. Acoustic neuroma is a manifestation of Type II neurofibromatosis.
amputation neuroma traumatic neuroma occurring after amputation of a limb or other part.
neuroma cu´tis neuroma in the skin.
false neuroma one that does not contain nerve elements.
plexiform neuroma one made up of contorted nerve trunks.
neuroma telangiecto´des one containing an excess of blood vessels.
traumatic neuroma an unorganized bulbous or nodular mass of nerve fibers and Schwann cells produced by hyperplasia of nerve fibers and their supporting tissues after accidental or purposeful sectioning of the nerve.
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neu·ro·ma cu·'tis

neurofibroma of the skin.
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neu·ro·ma cu·tis

(nūr-ō'mă kyū'tis)
Neurofibroma of the skin.
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