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neurologic, neurological

See neurology.


adjective Referring to the nervous system.

adjective Referring to neurology.


(noo-rol′ŏ-jē, nū-) [″ + logos, word, reason]
The branch of medicine that deals with the nervous system and its diseases. neurologicneurological (noo-rŏ-loj′ĭk, nū-) (noo-rŏ-loj′ĭ-kăl), adjective

clinical neurology

The branch of medicine concerned with the study and treatment of people with diseases of the nervous system.

neurological, neurologic

pertaining to or emanating from the nervous system or from neurology.

neurological assessment
evaluation of the health status of a patient with a nervous system disorder or dysfunction. The purposes of the assessment include establishing a diagnosis to guide the veterinarian in prescribing medical and surgical treatments and in planning and implementing nursing measures to help the patient cope effectively with daily living. Includes evaluation of cranial nerves, gait, mental state, muscle tone (1), postural reactions, sensory perceptivity, spinal nerves and visceral function.
neurological deficit
any defect or absence of function of a peripheral nerve or a system; e.g. nystagmus is a vestibular deficit.

Patient discussion about neurological

Q. Migraine stroke Hi, I'm 58 years-old male and I have migraines with aura since age 14. Two weeks ago, I felt weakness in the left side of my body, and at the hospital the doctors told me I had a stroke. I underwent several tests, but they still don't know the cause for the stroke (my lab tests are normal; I don't have diabetes or hypertension). My neurologist said that although it's very rare, he thinks that my stroke was caused by my migraine. I tried to find information about it, but couldn't find much – do you know where I can get some more info? Thanks!

A. I supposedly had two strokes that caused one sided weakness and temporary aphasia. The most recent time it happened, I went to a different hospital's ER where their neurologist and stroke specialist told me I have "complex migraines." Apparently this type of migraine can mimic a stroke with all the symptoms. If you look up "complex migraine" at or other similar sites, it will give you more informaton. My opinion, for what it's worth, is that I'd rather have a migraine than another stroke since migraines can be treated with preventive meds and/or meds that help the symptoms once it gets started.

Q. Could I be going through a Brain aneurysm? i woke up in the night with a bad headache in the back of my head and above my eye. never had a headache like that. but all day today have not had the headache. could this be an aneurysm?

A. I had an brain anyuism in 2001. I had a head ache right above my left eye for 10 days. It got worse as the days went by. I went in to the emergency room and they gave me a spinal tap and it ruptured.Thank God that it cloted (that dos'nt happen). But it did and they did emergency surgury. I am alive and back to normal today. My parents both died of brain anyuisms. That is how huretaty starts.

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2002); however, one study reporting a 10% rate of re-operation noted that of the 9 patients requiring surgery, 7 were neurologically impaired (Kristensen et al.
For example, in one Revenue Ruling, the school in question had a special curriculum for neurologically disabled children with the special curriculum representing a separate component of the school's activities.
Studies defining the manometric characteristics of the esophagus in neurologically impaired children before and after fundoplication are limited.
Therefore, it is important to gain a clearer understanding of the rationale for intervention choices made by neuroscience nurses in response to fever and to identify issues related to fever management for neurologically vulnerable patients.
Interim results of an open-label trial in Europe in women with neurologically normal bladders were presented last year by Dr.
Coauthor Jill Kreiling, a developmental biologist, adds, "We found something unusual going on neurologically, but we cannot say this is causing autism.
Thoughts of suicide rose sharply as neurologic signs began to develop, from 9% in the neurologically normal to 20% in those with soft signs and 24% in those with possible Huntington's.
In tonight's premiere, he and his team (including ``Providence's'' Melina Kanakaredes as his partner, Stella Bonasera) search for a typically twisted killer seeking to perfect his method of neurologically trapping women in their own bodies.
In addition to his professional endeavors, Gerosa is also a generous supporter of The Association for Neurologically Impaired Brian Injured Children Inc.
The invention also provides a method for treating a neurological disorder, such as Parkinson's disease, a method of introducing a gene product into a brain of a patient, an assay for neurologically active substances, and a cell culture.
The chemicals are acting neurologically to cause irregular heart rhythms that can lead to heart failure and then death," says Dr.
Patterns of code switching were studies from two aphasic and two neurologically normal Kannada-English bilinguals.

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