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Our patient presented with an extremely rare case of a solitary thoracic vertebral body lymphangioma, resulting in progressive neurological deficits due to epidural cord compression.
Symptoms include neurogenic claudication, back pain, neurological deficits including paresthesia, and autonomic disturbance.
Beslow et al11 (2010) reported frequency of neurological deficit at discharge to be 62% in Indian children presenting with hemorrhagic stroke with a mortality rate of 4.6%.
There was no significant association between blood glucose level at the time of admission and occurrence of neurological deficit, death or low GCS status in this study.
Focused clinical examination for presence of neurological deficit (neck stiffness, hemiparesis and cranial nerve palsies) was performed.
Arterial stiffness and progressive neurological deficit in patients with acute deep subcortical infarction.
The complications such as meningitis, osteomyelitis, wound infection, and neurological deficits increase the complexity of treating these patients [1].
Data in current investigation indicated that neurological deficit scores in diabetic rats with cerebral ischemia were higher compared with those in other groups.
Caption: Figure 1: Cerebral infarct areas and neurological deficit score at 24 h after reperfusion.
Spinal cord compression may result in permanent neurological deficit, further aggravating the burden of disease.
Through correlating the parameters with ischemic outcomes (neurological deficit scores and infarct volumes), we expected that this model could serve as a promising approach to evaluate the disease outcomes.

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