neurologic status

neu·ro·log·ic sta·tus

(nūrō-lojik statŭs)
Assessment of overall condition of nervous system function.
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The patient's general condition, somatic and neurologic status were finally normal, after the operation and antibiotic therapy, with only mild psychomotor changes.
He was discharged to the geriatric department and slowly recovered consciousness; his neurologic status also normalized.
One suggested an acute improvement of neurologic status, but no long-term resolution of deficits.
Assess plasma tyrosine levels in patients with an abrupt change in neurologic status.
The patient's neurologic status did not improve, and MALDI-TOF MS results, available on day 35 (19 days after serum collection), confirmed botulinum toxin type A.
Radiographic and clinical findings, the frequency and timing of reimaging, and changes in neurologic status were compared between patients whose management changed because of a meaningful CT scan and those whose management did not change.
Hence, a ventricular catheter was inserted from the right fontal horn, which provided moderate improvement in the hydrocephalus (Figure 1C) as well as mild recovery in neurologic status [Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) improved from 3 to 7 postoperatively].
The TLICS defines five categories of neurologic status based on deficit severity and the patient's recovery potential.
Use of bispectral electroencephalogram monitoring to assess neurologic status in unsedated, critically ill patients.
- Survival to hospital discharge with favorable neurologic status improve approximately twofold with bystander CPR
TLICS was introduced in 2005 and is a point-based system that utilizes the morphology of the injury, integrity of the posterior ligamentous complex (PLC) and neurologic status to evaluate an injury [10].
By day 6, the patient's neurologic status was slightly improving.