Descriptive of structures containing neurosecretory neurons, the axons of which form no synapses with other neurons and the axonal endings of which are modified to permit storage and release into the circulation of neurosecretory material.
[neuro- + G. haima, blood + suffix -in, material]
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These reproductive peptides may be released from much of the surface of the nervous system and not just from well-defined neurohemal organs.
In Lymnaea, the CDCs release egg-laying peptides into the hemolymph via neurohemal areas and also from blind ending axons in the medulla of the commissure (Van Minnen et al.
In addition to the CA, decapitation removes the median neurosecretory cells of the pars intercerebralis (PlC), the corpora cardiaca which serve as paired neurohemal organs for the products of the cerebral neurosecretory cells, intrinsic neurosecretory cells of the corpora cardiaca, and the nervus CA II which contain neurosecretory material.