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, neurogliar (nū-rog'lē-ăl, -lē-ăr),
Relating to neuroglia.
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, neurogliar (nūr-og'lē-ăl, -ăr)
Relating to neuroglia.
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(nū-rŏg′lē-ă) [″ + glia, glue]
The interstitial and supporting tissue of the nervous system, also called glia. The cells, of ectodermal origin, are astrocytes, oligodendrocytes, satellite cells, ependymal cells, and Schwann cells. Microglia are phagocytic cells that are esp. active during injury or infection.
neuroglial (nū-rŏg′lē-ăl), adjective
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Nasal glioma is a displaced, mature, neuroglial tissue that has no connection to the brain (hence it is called heterotopia).
[61], using different doses of curcumin in a mixed colony of both neuronal and glial rat cells, showed that curcumin stopped the proliferation of neuroglial cells dose dependently, by differentiating them into mature cells or inducing apoptosis, resulting in inhibiting neuroinflammation.
In conclusion, the findings of our study suggest that some forms of Meniere's disease that are refractory to traditional medical management might be the result of retrocochlear pathology that affects the neuroglial portion of the vestibular nerve.
Synergy and antagonism of active constituents of ADAPT-232 on transcriptional level of metabolic regulation of isolated neuroglial cells 1-17.
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Ara-C is a nucleoside analogue that was effective in decreasing JCV replication in cultured human neuroglial cells [292].
Neuroglial responses to CNS injury: prospects for novel therapeutics.
Two strains (229E and OC43) have been implicated in multiple sclerosis (9,10), and both can persistently infect human oligodendrocytic and neuroglial cell lines (11).
Figure 4 illustrates the use of confocal imaging to examine, in cultured brain tissue, the spatiotemporal patterns of intra- and inter-cellular activity in neuroglial cells in response to a physiological perturbation.