neurogenic atrophy

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neurogenic atrophy

muscle wasting caused by loss of motor innervation of muscle (unlike disuse atrophy).


1. forming nervous tissue, or stimulating nervous energy.
2. originating in the nervous system.

neurogenic atrophy
wasting of a muscle due to damage to its peripheral nerve supply.
neurogenic colic
colic in the horse, caused by stimulation of nerve supply to intestine by verminous aneurysm. Colic is spasmodic.
neurogenic hyperthermia
elevation of body temperature due to a lesion, e.g. spontaneous hemorrhage, in the hypothalamus.
neurogenic lung edema
pulmonary edema as a consequence of acute brain injury.
neurogenic muscular atrophy
see neurogenic atrophy (above).
neurogenic myopathy
the muscle lesions resulting from interruption of its nerve supply.
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However, closer inspection of the imaging studies showed presumed neurogenic atrophy of the left-sided soft-palate muscles, implicating additional partial nerve injuries to the ipsilateral pharyngeal branch of the left vagus nerve and the otitic branch of the mandibular division of the left trigeminal nerve.
Evidence of neurogenic atrophy in the form of angular atrophic esterase-positive muscle fibers or fiber-type grouping were also noted.
All biopsies showed evidence of neurogenic atrophy in the form of angular atrophic esterasepositive muscle fibers.