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4) A thorough workup of the patient with lateral elbow pain should include provocative testing, orthopedic maneuvers, neurological examination, neurodynamic testing, and when clinically indicated diagnostic imaging.
6) If the examiner suspects neurological involvement it would be wise to continue provocative movements with neurodynamic testing.
The Impact of neurodynamic testing on theperception of experimentally induced muscle pain.
Mechanosensitivity of the Lower Extremity Nervous System During Straight-Leg Raise Neurodynamic Testing in Healthy Individuals.
Neurodynamic testing using the ULTT was positive bilaterally along the median and ulnar nerve distribution (Fig.
pain provocation during neurodynamic testing is a stable phenomenon and the range of elbow extension corresponding with the moment of "pain onset" and "submaximal pain" may be measured reliably, both in laboratory and clinical conditions [63].
The intent is to provide clinical context from the initial thinking regarding neural tension through to more recent theories regarding neurodynamic testing and treatment.
2005) The Impact of Neurodynamic Testing on the Perception of Experimentally induced Muscle Pain.
Objective: To identify whether the use of sensitizing manouevres used in conjunction with neurodynamic testing would affect the perception of experimentally induced peripheral pain.
Conclusions: The findings of the study support the validity of the use of sensitising manoeuvres during neurodynamic testing when the 'origin of the pain is non-neural and the central nervous system or central mechanisms do not play a dominant role in the patient's symptoms'.
From these results, it is suggested that injury to any tissue that does not directly affect peripheral nerve mobility is not likely to change the observed outcome of neurodynamic testing.