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any of the threadlike extensions of the cytoplasm of a neuron; they typically branch into treelike processes, and compose most of the receptive surface of a neuron.
Dendrites in a multipolar neuron. From Dorland's, 2000.
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1. One of the two types of branching protoplasmic processes of the nerve cell (the other being the axon). Synonym(s): dendritic process, dendron, neurodendrite, neurodendron
2. A crystalline treelike structure formed during the freezing of an alloy.
[G. dendritēs, relating to a tree]
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, neurodendron (nu?ro-den'drit) (-dron) [Gr. neuron, nerve, sinew, + dendron, tree]
Cytoplasmic branched process of a nerve cell.
See: dendrite for illus
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