neurocentral synchondrosis

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neu·ro·cen·tral syn·chon·dro·sis

the cartilaginous blateral union between the centrum and neural arch of a forming vertebra in the young child.
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The neurocentral suture can be seen in the left side of this vertebra, under the transverse process.
The transverse processes are high but not prominent, reaching the pedicels of the neural arch and the neurocentral suture. Therefore, the transverse processes do not project beyond the zygapophyses.
The neurocentral sutures between the neural arch and the centrum can be recognized in both vertebrae (Fig.
They are anteroventrally to dorsocaudally oval in outline, forming a strong prominence immediately beneath the neurocentral suture, as described in Andrews (1913).
In addition, the neurocentral sutures are completely obliterated, as in mature crocodylians (Brochu, 1996; Herrera et al., 2013b), confirming that the Maledictosuchus riclaensis holotype was an adult specimen, as suggested in Parrilla-Bel et al.
(1996): Closure of neurocentral sutures during crocodilian ontogeny: implications for maturity assessment in fossil archosaurs.
The neural arch is broken above the neurocentral suture, and two stout pedicles remain fused to the centrum.
There is no evidence of a still open neurocentral suture between the pedicles and the lateral surfaces of the centra.