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a tumor of a neurilemma (peripheral nerve sheath); called also schwannoma and neurinoma.
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Obsolete term for schwannoma.
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Obsolete term for schwannoma
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Obsolete term for schwannoma
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Q. Anybody familiar with schwannoma?

A. A schwannoma is a kind of tumor originating from the Schwann cells. The insulating myelin sheath which covers peripheral nerves is produced by the Schwann cells. Hence, one kind of tumor originating from the Schwann cells is called a schwannoma.

Schwannomas are very homogeneous tumors consisting only of Schwann cells. The tumor cells always stay on the outside of the nerve, but the tumor itself may either push the nerve aside and/or up against a bony structure (thereby possibly causing damage). Schwannomas are relatively slow growing. For reasons not yet understood, schwannomas are mostly benign and less than 1% become malignant (degenerate into cancer). This form of cancer is known as malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumour or malignant Schwannoma or neurofibrosarcoma.

Schwannomas can arise from a genetic disorder called neurofibromatosis.

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On the other hand, epidermal cysts, fibromas, fibrolipomas, neurinomas, schwannomas, and pyogenic granulomas were found to occur more frequently in males [Table 3].
The results suggest that the increase in females is mainly due to higher numbers of meningiomas and neurinomas. Neurological function was not greatly affected, possibly since most cases presented with incomplete lesions in both time periods.
Essa perda do isolamento eletrico pode ocorrer devido a sindrome de compressao vascular dentro do canal auditivo interno, neurinoma do acustico ou outra patologia retrococlear, resultando em aumento da atividade espontanea de diferentes fibras [18].
But Roger Coghill said a closer look at the study revealed significantly more acoustic neurinoma tumours were found on the same side of the head as mobile phones were used on.
The first New Zealand patient arrived in Honolulu in late May and was treated for acoustic neurinoma, a form of intracranial tumor, by Dr.
An acoustic neurinoma is a benign tumor which may develop on the hearing and balance nerves near the inner ear.
Hemihypoglossal-facial nerve anastomosis in treating unilateral facial palsy after acoustic neurinoma resection.