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a tumor of a neurilemma (peripheral nerve sheath); called also schwannoma and neurinoma.


A benign, encapsulated neoplasm in which the fundamental component is structurally identical to the syncytium of Schwann cells; the neoplastic cells proliferate within the endoneurium, and the perineurium forms the capsule. The neoplasm may originate from a peripheral or sympathetic nerve, or from various cranial nerves, particularly the eighth cranial nerve; when the nerve is small, it is usually found (if at all) in the capsule of the neoplasm; if the nerve is large, the schwannoma may develop within the sheath of the nerve, the fibers of which may then spread over the surface of the capsule as the neoplasm enlarges. Microscopically, schwannoma is composed of combinations of two patterns, Antoni types A and B, either of which may predominate in various examples of schwannomas.
See also: neurofibroma.
[Theodor Schwann + -oma]


/neu·ri·lem·o·ma/ (-lĕ-mo´mah) a tumor of a peripheral nerve sheath (neurilemma), the most common type of neurogenic tumor, usually benign.






Theodor, German histologist and physiologist, 1810-1882.
Schwann cell unit - a single Schwann cell and all of the axons lying in troughs indenting its surface.
Schwann cells - cells of ectodermal (neural crest) origin that compose a continuous envelope around each nerve fiber of peripheral nerves. Synonym(s): neurilemma cells
Schwann tumor
Schwann white substance - the lipid material present in the myelin sheath of nerve fibers; the medulla of bones and other organs.
schwannoma - Synonym(s): neurilemoma; neuroschwannoma
sheath of Schwann - a cell that enfolds one or more axons of the peripheral nervous system. Synonym(s): neurilemma

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Q. Anybody familiar with schwannoma?

A. A schwannoma is a kind of tumor originating from the Schwann cells. The insulating myelin sheath which covers peripheral nerves is produced by the Schwann cells. Hence, one kind of tumor originating from the Schwann cells is called a schwannoma.

Schwannomas are very homogeneous tumors consisting only of Schwann cells. The tumor cells always stay on the outside of the nerve, but the tumor itself may either push the nerve aside and/or up against a bony structure (thereby possibly causing damage). Schwannomas are relatively slow growing. For reasons not yet understood, schwannomas are mostly benign and less than 1% become malignant (degenerate into cancer). This form of cancer is known as malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumour or malignant Schwannoma or neurofibrosarcoma.

Schwannomas can arise from a genetic disorder called neurofibromatosis.

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Neurilemomas are the most frequently arising benign nerve tumors of the upper extremity and are also called Schwannomas.
Neurilemomas are encapsulated nerve sheath tumors that arise from the Schwann cells of myelin sheaths.
Histological examination confirmed that both tumors were neurilemomas.
Both were excised, and both were neurilemomas on microscopic examination.
Both tumors were excised and pathological study confirmed that they were neurilemomas.
For example, in Finland, a case review was conducted to evaluate spinal cord neurilemomas in 20 patients who had partial surgical excision of the tumor to avoid damages in the nerve; in that case, there was local post-operative pain (46%), as well as radiated pain (43%), and paraparesis (31%).
Efficacy of irradiation for incompletely excised acoustic neurilemomas.
Differential diagnosis is very important because a variety of lesions can have the same clinical presentation such as lymphomas, cranial clefts cystis, neurilemomas, parotid gland tumors, thyroids masses, metastatic cervical lymphanedopathy, and tubercolosis.
Expected Neurologic Ouctomes for Surgical Treatment of Cervical neurilemomas.
The treatment of laryngeal lymphoma differs from that of other submucosal lesions such as laryngeal cysts, nenrofibromas, lipomas, myxolipomas, hemangiopericytomas, paragangliomas, laryngeal amyloidosis, neurilemomas, and Teflon granulomas.