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The spa visitors are too refined to talk about sex, but patients' records of the time from various sanatoriums and asylums in Germany indicate that similar types of nervous conditions, gathered together under the diagnosis of neurasthenia, were 'all about sex'.
Nineteenth-century physicians also indicated a connection between neurasthenia and altered perception.
Our housekeeping products may have changed since the days of neurasthenia, but then as now, these products are in the air that we breathe, on our skin, and in our food.
However, this was an important historical period when neurasthenia was a driving force behind the government of the population (Armstrong, 1987).
peak of neurasthenia as a phenomenon, and 1903 was certainly an
She shows how the evidence of neurasthenia was viewed by physicians
Doctors used the diagnosis of neurasthenia to garner greater authority and to "cultivate a community of middle and upper class patients," who, in turn, could strengthen the profession (35).
50 male and female patients with neurasthenia (ICD-b F480), post-traumatic stress disorder (PSD: F43.
Walker's interests in neurasthenia and nervous disorder has its own family resonances.
An instance of nineteenth-century camp resorting (akin to revival camp meetings and educational camp meetings like Chautauqua), the Bohemian Grove and its rituals were created as an antidote to the enervating nature of modern life in response to fears about male neurasthenia.
Of particular interest is the way this view was incorporated into tourist guides that advertised Newfoundland and Labrador as a tonic for urban North Americans suffering from neurasthenia (96-97).
3) As he documented additional cases of Protestant decline and neurasthenia, the reflections he offered on the cause or causes were connected, importantly though not solely, to his thoughts about periodization.