neural factor

neu·ral fac·tor

a protein that can induce the formation of notochord tissue in embryos.
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However, it is not likely that the mental diverting activity had a major influence on muscle blood flow, which suggests that the improved recovery may have been due to a neural factor that cannot be assessed with EMG amplitude or mean frequency.
Thus, the present study was designed to identify if the improved recovery was due to a neural factor that could affect muscle activation patterns.
Thus, we hypothesize that the improved recovery reported in our previous study [17] was more likely due to a neural factor that could not be detected by surface EMG or the Paired Pattern Classification methods.
Note that this phenomenon attenuates, however, after about three years of regular strength training, when a ceiling is reached in terms of muscle hypertrophy, and neural factors again seem to take over as the main supplier of greater force.