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(ŭr'tī-kă, er'ti-),
The herb, Urtica dioica (family Urticaceae); a weed, the leaves of which produce a stinging sensation when touching the skin. It has been used as a diuretic and hemostatic in metrorrhagia, epistaxis, and hematemesis.
Synonym(s): nettle
[L. a nettle, fr. uro, pp. ustus, to burn]
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stinging nettle

Herbal medicine
A perennial herb that contains acetyl-choline, formic acid, histamine, minerals and vitamins A and C; it is astringent, diuretic, tonic, and administered as an infusion, poultice or applied topically (the leaves act as a counterirritant). Stinging nettle is used for arthritis, baldness, cystitis, diabetes, diarrhoea, eczema, epistaxis, gout, hay fever, haemorrhoids, rheumatic complaints and tuberculosis; it may be used under the supervision of a physician for congestive heart failure and hypertension.
Uncooked nettle may cause renal damage; the diuresis-related loss of potassium should be compensated for by increasing potassium intake; it should not be given to young children.
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One of Laithwaites' most popular sauv blancs, it's nettly and herbaceous, overflowing with kiwi and passion fruit with a nice, zippy finish.
Distinctive, with an array of ripe appley fruits and a nettly sting on its tail.
Grassy and nettly with ribbons of zingy peach and passion fruit, it's a wonderfully fresh and delicious sauvignon blanc.
Four are in the Midlands, including Blaisdon and Alderton, in Gloucestershire, Pulestone in Herefordshire, and Nettly Knowe in Derbyshire.
Mudd House Sauvignon Blanc 2014, New Zealand (PS6.99 from PS8.75, until Feb 16, Waitrose) Assertive and aromatic, the pungent, gooseberry aromas leap from the glass and if you have a thirst for a pale, nettly white with plenty of delicious passion fruit balanced by some zesty, grapefruit acidity, this crisp Kiwi speaks volumes.