nettle rash

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nettle rash

Etymology: AS, netele, nettle; Fr, rasche, scurf
a fine urticarial eruption resulting from skin contact with stinging nettle, a common weed with leaves containing histamine. It is characterized by stinging and itching that lasts from a few minutes to several hours.


(rash) [Fr. rasche, skin eruption]
A general term for any eruption that appears on the skin transiently (as opposed to durable skin lesions such as scars, tattoos, or moles). Synonym: exanthem

Patient care

Assessments are made of the location and characteristics of the lesion: color; size (height and diameter); pattern, whether discrete or coalesced; and any secondary changes (crusting, scaling, lichenification). Associated symptoms such as pruritus or discomfort, temporal elements, history of known allergies, drugs used, and contacts with communicable diseases during prior 2-week period also are assessed. Suspected drugs are discontinued, and the potential communicable disease patient is isolated and assessed. Cool compresses are applied to relieve itching. Topical preparations and dressings are applied and systemic medications administered as prescribed. The patient is instructed to keep hands clean and nails short and even, and to avoid scratching. The patient also is taught about the treatment regimen, its actions, and its side effects and evaluates for desired effects and side effects.

butterfly rash

A rash on both cheeks joined by an extension across the bridge of the nose. It is seen in systemic lupus erythematosus, esp. after the patient's face has been exposed to sunlight, and in seborrheic dermatitis, tuberous sclerosis, and dermatomyositis.
See: discoid lupus erythematosus
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DIAPER RASH: (A) mild diaper rash, (B) severe yeast infection in diaper area
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diaper rash

Irritant contact dermatitis as a reaction to friction, maceration, and prolonged contact with urine, feces, soap retained in diapers, and topical preparations. A persistent diaper rash may be colonized by yeast or bacteria. Synonym: diaper dermatitis See: illustration


Treatment is symptomatic. Diapers should be changed frequently. If washable cloth diapers are used, they should be thoroughly washed and rinsed; occlusive plastic pants should not be used over diapers; the perianal and genital areas should be washed with warm water and mild, nonperfumed soap. If these measures and the application of a bland protective agent (such as zinc oxide paste) do not promote healing, then a small amount of 0.5% to 1% topical hydrocortisone cream should be applied to the area after each diaper change until the rash has completely resolved.


drug rash

Drug eruption.

ecchymotic rash

Hemorrhagic rash.

gum rash

A red papular eruption on an infant's chin and anterior chest area seen during teething. It is a form of miliaria due to excess saliva coming in contact with the skin.
Synonym: red rash; tooth rash

heat rash

Prickly heat.

hemorrhagic rash

A rash consisting chiefly of bleeding or bruising into or under the skin. Synonym: ecchymotic rash

macular rash

A rash in which the lesions are flat and level with the surrounding skin.

maculopapular rash

A rash in which there are discrete macular and papular lesions or a combination of both.

mercurial rash

A rash caused by local application of mercurial preparations.

mulberry rash

A dusky rash seen in typhus.

nettle rash


red rash

Gum rash.

serum rash

A pruritic hivelike rash (urticaria or angioedema) or a vasculitis (palpable purpura) that accompanies serum sickness, usually caused by a hypersensitivity reaction to drugs or immune globulins obtained from animals. Malaise, joint pains, fevers, and other symptoms may accompany the rash.
See: serum sickness

splash rash

Hot tub folliculitis.

sunburn-like rash

A macular rash resembling the reddened skin characteristic of a severe sunburn.
See: exfoliative dermatitis; toxic shock syndrome

tooth rash

Gum rash.

wandering rash

Geographic tongue.

nettle rash



a common name used for a variety of plants including bull nettle (Solanum carolinense), white horsenettle (S. elaeagnifolium), dead nettle (Lamium amplexicaule), field nettle (Stachys arvensis), spurge nettle (Jatropha stimulosa), mulga nettle (Haloragis odontocarpa) and the stinging nettles (Urtica incisa, U. urens and U. dioica).

nettle gases
used in crowd control in humans. Cause a very painful irritation of the skin. Includes dichloroformoxime.
nettle rash
see urticaria. Called also hives.
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NETTLE rash - also known as urticaria or hives - is an allergic skin condition.
Urticaria, which is also known as nettle rash or hives, is an intensely itchy rash that may affect the whole of the body or just a small area of skin.
A URTICARIA is an allergic skin condition sometimes also known as nettle rash or hives.
Skin irritation, especially a red and white rash, known as urticaria, which looks like nettle rash and goes after 20 minutes.
hing and/or swelling thma, nettle rash and s, you can go into mistakenly treats harmless proteins as a threat to your health.
The formula contains Bisabolol and liquorice extract to ease the irritation from bites, stings and nettle rash.
hen I was practising dermatology I did a three-year research project that looked at hives - otherwise known as nettle rash or urticaria.
A red and white, raised rash: Known as urticaria, this looks like nettle rash and disappears after 20 minutes.