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Abbreviation for norepinephrine transporter.


Abbreviation for:
nerve excitability test
neuroendocrine tumour
new and emerging technologies 
non-equilibrium thermodynamics


1. A structure bearing a resemblance to a woven fabric. A network of nerve fibers or small vessels.
Synonym(s): rete (1) [TA] , net.
2. The people in a patient's environment, especially as significant for the course of the illness.
See also: reticulum


adj devoid of anything extraneous; free from all deductions, such as charges, expenses, taxes; remaining after expenses.

net, nett

the correct amount; not subject to further deductions; the amount remaining after all deductions have been made.

net calf crop
calves surviving until weaning.
net energy
energy available to the ingester for metabolic purposes. See also metabolizable energy.
net profit
gross income less all costs incurred by the enterprise.
net worth statement
balance sheet.

Patient discussion about net

Q. where is the greatest data base of Fibromyalgia over the net? do someone know the address ? will i find all my answers there ? is it like here where you can chat with other patient ?

A. i looked for information about Fibromyalgia all around the web and the best site gathering reliable information on it is:

gives you every web page about it and with a quality stamp :)

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References in classic literature ?
Therefore it was imperative to sleep under mosquito netting.
At that moment I was leaning forward on the starboard netting.
Abreast of it, on the smokestack guys, and being taken down by the bos'n and a sailor, hung the huge square of rope netting which had failed to break those seas of their force.
Under the mattress there was nothing but the metal netting, which could not conceal anything or anybody.
He was musing tenderly on his Claire, who was assisting him in the process by singing in the drawing-room, when he was aware of a figure, the sinister figure of a man who, pressed against the netting of the porch, stared into the lighted room beyond.
Sparsit netting at the fireside, in a side-saddle attitude, with one foot in a cotton stirrup.
Hoop netting for lobsters and crabs is legal in California and is growing in popularity, especially among kayakers who use their craft to set nets in shallow water.
Congress previously directed the IRS to implement the most comprehensive netting procedures that are consistent with sound administrative practice.
Finally, new settlement techniques involving netting are being increasingly employed to reduce liquidity requirements and to control risk.
The Taxpayer Bill of Rights 2 required the Department of the Treasury to submit a report to the congressional tax-writing committees on: (1) the legal and policy issues relating to the netting of interest of federal overpayments and underpayments; and (2) the administrative practices of the Internal Revenue Service in that regard.
6 contains provisions designed to confirm the validity of contractual agreements providing for the netting of payment obligations between and among financial institutions, including depository institutions, securities brokers or dealers, and futures commission merchants.
coordinated the preparation of the Institute's comments on the interest netting study, Robert H.