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Abbreviation for norepinephrine transporter.
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Abbreviation for:
nerve excitability test
neuroendocrine tumour
new and emerging technologies 
non-equilibrium thermodynamics
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1. A structure bearing a resemblance to a woven fabric. A network of nerve fibers or small vessels.
Synonym(s): rete (1) [TA] , net.
2. The people in a patient's environment, especially as significant for the course of the illness.
See also: reticulum
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Q. where is the greatest data base of Fibromyalgia over the net? do someone know the address ? will i find all my answers there ? is it like here where you can chat with other patient ?

A. i looked for information about Fibromyalgia all around the web and the best site gathering reliable information on it is:

gives you every web page about it and with a quality stamp :)

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At Blubbery Lake near Morpeth, Steve Wood, Trev Wilson and Dave Coster have all been catching around 5lb apiece - mainly skimmers around half a pound, and on Leazes Park Malcolm Macdonald had a netful of small perch along with bonus roach up to 5oz.
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