net protein utilization

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net pro·tein u·ti·li·za·tion

(NPU) (net prō'tēn yū'ti-lī-zā'shŭn)
Measurement of the body's use of ingested protein.
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Net Protein Utilization (%)###86.58+-3.76a###77.42+-2.94b###73.54+-2.16b###0.0049
The true digestibility, net protein utilization, concentration of essential amino acids and dietary fiber were significantly improved due to inclusion of flaxseed in the diets.
Apparent digestibility of nutrients (CP, GE), metabolic rate of GE (ME-GE) and net protein utilization (NPU) of pigs fed zearalenone contaminated feeds with or without clay enterosorbent for 24 days (CP on wet-basis and GE on dry basis) Apparent digestibility (%) Treatments GE CP Control 83.69 (a) 84.45 (a) Control+Clay2.5 (1) 83.79 (a) 85.47 (a) Control+ZEA (2) 79.81 (b) 83.33 (b) ZEA+Clay1.25 (1) 81.13 (b) 83.06 (b) ZEA+Clay2.5 (1) 82.33 (ab) 82.98 (b) ZEA+Clay5 (1) 83.75 (a) 84.23 (a) ZEA+Clay10 (1) 84.02 (a) 84.33 (a) SEM (3) 1.024 0.491 Effects Treatment 0.031 0.006 (p values) ZEA vs.
No significant (P=0.05) difference in net protein utilization and biological value among the groups with high value obtained for diet formulated with GA.
D3 showed significantly (P<0.05) higher protein efficiency ratio and net protein utilization (Table II).
True digestibility, net protein utilization, biological value, net protein ratio, protein efficiency ratio and feed efficiency ratio were calculated as described by (Pellet and Young, 1980).
At the end of the experimental period the following growth and feed utilization indices were calculated; percentage weight gain, specific growth rate (SGR), food conversion efficiency (FCE), food conversion ratio (FCR) and apparent net protein utilization (ANPU) using the following equations as described by Brown [10], Winberg [11], Castell and Teiws [12] and Miller and Bender [13], respectively.