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a state of excitability, with great mental and physical unrest.
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A condition of being nervous (2).
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A condition of being nervous (2).
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Patient discussion about nervousness

Q. Is fibromyalgia related to Central Nervous System? Is fibromyalgia related to Central Nervous System? Among men and women who is more prone to the symptoms of fibromyalgia?

A. here is a quote from the National Fibromyalgia Association site:

"Little research has been conducted that measures the prevalence of fibromyalgia, and estimates vary widely as to the proportion of male versus female patients. A 1999 epidemiology study conducted in London found a female to male ratio of roughly three to one. However, a 2001 review of the research literature in Current Rheumatology Reports stated the ratio was nine to one."

Q. What is dysautonomia? My friend has dysautonomia. What does it mean? What are the symptoms? Is it curable?

A. Dysautonomia is any disease or malfunction of the autonomic nervous system. The symptoms of dysautonomia conditions are usually “invisible” to the untrained eye. The child can appear to be as healthy as other children. The manifestations are occurring internally, and although the symptoms are often are not visible on the outside. Symptoms can be unpredictable, may come and go, appear in any combination, and may vary in severity).There is no cure for dysautonomia. There are medications to assist in stabilization, but are often needed on a long-term basis.

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Virgin Australia's Nervous Flyers programme is available for anyone who experiences nervousness when flying and is available on all Virgin Australia-operated flights when booked at least seven days before flying.
Summary: She took to the habit of nail-biting out of nervousness.
According to Simon Cowell even though he doesn't like comedians on the show, Kojo's talent made him fall in love with him, especially how he connected with the audience making him overcome his nervousness when he got on stage.
Therefore, they are showing this nervousness. In that nervousness, they have decided to use abusive language about the Prime Minister and the BJP.
Rio Ferdinand says he senses a "nervousness" fromLiverpooland claims there is evidence of a team "passing the buck" following the Reds' draw withLeicester City.
I am known for my nervousness and anxiety, both at school and at home.
FOLLOWING the allegation of vote-buying made against it by All Progressives Congress (APC), which the ruling said led to the emergence of Atiku Abubakar as the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) flag bearer in the 2019 presidential election, the main opposition party said it has noted the 'uneasiness, apprehension and nervousness in the drowning Buhari Presidency and the fading' APC since Atiku won the ticket.
Despite being in the spotlight for four decades, however, it appears Cuneta still has her momentary bouts with nervousness. Cuneta took to her Instagram on Sept.
It seems the militants are now nervous and in their nervousness they are once again targeting female education.
Patti Wood, another body language expert, said that despite Markle's nervousness, it was obvious that she and the Queen had fun in Cheshire.
Despite the whole experience being completely new for Meghan, she did not display a single sign of anxiety or nervousness - while her new husband, the Duke of Sussex, "was so patently nervous".
Analyst Saso Ordanoski in Sloboden pecat writes in irony that judged by the nervousness that engulfed the media and party national scene in the country, it seems that we are really approaching some sort of, even if delayed and phased solution in the name dispute with the Greeks.