nervous exhaustion

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Medical history
A condition described in the late 1800s as being uniquely American, believed to most commonly affect those who performed cerebral work (e.g., physicians, lawyers and inventors), which is now known as stress. Reported findings included a loss of interest in mental labour and heart disturbances. Neurasthenia was viewed as a reflection of the natural superiority of the American culture and a product of the progress and refinement of modern civilisation; treatments included cold water cures, diets, exercise, arsenic and many others.

nervous exhaustion

1. Nervous breakdown, see there.
2. Neurasthenia, see there.


George Miller, U.S. physician, 1839-1883.
Beard disease - Synonym(s): Beard syndrome
Beard syndrome - may be associated with chronic fatigue syndrome. Synonym(s): Beard disease; nervous exhaustion
Beard test
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19) Among a long and rather bizarre list of the indicators of nervous exhaustion were, according to Beard, the early and rapid decay of teeth and premature baldness.
A tonic for the nervous system, it reduces fatigue and tension, the symptoms of nervous exhaustion, by inducing a restful sleep.
Cleaves herself believed that her manifold symptoms throughout her life were of a somatic nature due to a constitutional deficiency in nerve force that led to repeated attacks of nervous exhaustion.
As excessive venery is a fruitful source of physical prostration and nervous exhaustion, sometimes producing paralysis," he explained afterward, "I was disposed to look upon this case in the same light, and recommended circumcision as a means of relieving the irritated and imprisoned penis.
Lecithin is noted to be helpful in overcoming nervous exhaustion, choline in helping to overcome forgetfulness, valerian root to alleviate sleeplessness, and the herb scullcap to soothe nerves.
In 1996 Margot Kidder made world headlines when the media placed a spotlight on her highly public episode of nervous exhaustion in Los Angeles.
Holland exclaimed, and the other officers must have thought he was suffering from nervous exhaustion, but an engineer later pointed out something very strange: bulletholes and blackened dents in the fuselage of Holland's Avro 504.
Docs then warned workaholic Simon to ditch tabs altogether after he collapsed from nervous exhaustion last summer.
It was all a far cry from last Sunday when Susan, who has minor learning difficulties, was admitted to London's Priory Hospital suffering from nervous exhaustion.
Relief at being back on British soil merged with fatigue and nervous exhaustion.
Later the same year, she was hospitalised with nervous exhaustion and announced her days as an MP had come to an end.
But for many the Priory group will forever be associated with the young and glamorous who seek refuge from nervous exhaustion or alcohol and drug abuse on the showbiz party circuit.