nervous exhaustion

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Medical history
A condition described in the late 1800s as being uniquely American, believed to most commonly affect those who performed cerebral work (e.g., physicians, lawyers and inventors), which is now known as stress. Reported findings included a loss of interest in mental labour and heart disturbances. Neurasthenia was viewed as a reflection of the natural superiority of the American culture and a product of the progress and refinement of modern civilisation; treatments included cold water cures, diets, exercise, arsenic and many others.
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nervous exhaustion

1. Nervous breakdown, see there.
2. Neurasthenia, see there.
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George Miller, U.S. physician, 1839-1883.
Beard disease - Synonym(s): Beard syndrome
Beard syndrome - may be associated with chronic fatigue syndrome. Synonym(s): Beard disease; nervous exhaustion
Beard test
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They try to encourage you to think positively about challenges - asking, 'What's the worse that can happen?' "Taking time out and trying to reduce the stream of stimuli that can cause anxieties can aid recovery from nervous exhaustion."
Before making the last album - 2008's Everything's The Rush - he spent four months in hospital and took a year to recover after succumbing to nervous exhaustion. "Whenit first happened,Ifelt likea ship inastorm, getting battered from all sides, but I'm kind of a positive depressive guy and that can be difficult," he admits.
"It seems that with all the recent events in the band right up to Jade joining us a few weeks ago, the stress over a period of months has unfortunately taken its toll on Amelle and she is now suffering from a severe bout of nervous exhaustion".
Things which do produce nervous exhaustion are fear, worry, anxiety and frustration.
They had stayed with us for a week and Maria and I were close to nervous exhaustion.
When 12 o'clock finally arrives, they expire in a heap of nervous exhaustion, relieved that the danger is over for another year.
Ashwagandha, for example, is used to treat sexual debility, memory loss, and other signs of aging in addition to signs of adrenal fatigue such as fatigue, debility, and nervous exhaustion. Licorice increases Cortisol levels and raises blood pressure.
The diaries cover the period from May to December 1956, including a period when Eden left the country with nervous exhaustion. He resigned in January the following year.
Furst provides a very interesting introduction to the pre-Freudian world, complete with demons and so-called physical manifestations of mental illness, then offers the original reports on nervous exhaustion, sexual psychopathy, aphonia and its treatment by hypnosis, traumatic paralysis, male hysteria, amnesia, and the fixed idea.
In the ensuing controversy she missed four editions of her This Morning show because of nervous exhaustion.
New Approach had his pony with him again yesterday, to soothe his nerves, to make the crucial difference between creative tension and nervous exhaustion. Actually, if that's a pony, then I could do eight stone and still make full use of my 7lb claim - it's more like two ponies joined together, with an extra bit of pony stuck on for good measure.
Greer Garson collapsed from nervous exhaustion. Rita Hayworth was so tired she had to quit.