nervous dyspepsia

ner·vous dys·pep·si·a

dyspepsia associated with tension or anxiety.
Synonym(s): functional dyspepsia (2)

functional dyspepsia

Dyspepsia without endoscopic or histologic evidence of an organic disease to explain the symptoms.
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Charles Darwin declared himself 'absolutely cured' of nervous dyspepsia after four months and took his ten-year-old daughter Annie to Malvern in a vain attempt to cure her of TB.
North American ginseng, "a gentle tonic to be used over a long period of time," relieves nervous dyspepsia and nervous exhaustion from overwork.
Many decades before doctors lent their support to Ty-Phoo tea as being a cure for gastric disorders, weak digestion, nervous dyspepsia, and even flatulence, a Birmingham entrepreneur called John Sumner had a rather good idea.