nerve fascicle

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nerve fas·ci·cle

a bundle of nerve fibers surrounded by perineurium.
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Jugular foramen schwannomas (JFS) are benign slowly growing tumors that arise from the sheath of a nerve fascicle and account for 3% to 4% of all intracranial schwannomas.
This fact and the histological evidence of nerve fascicle proliferation have leaded us to conclude that the function that was recuperated in the experimental groups could not be attributed to anything more than an efficient nerve repair trough an adequate anastomosis, regardless that it was performed with or without an epineural window.
Therefore, the ability of the operator to detect placement of the needle in either a blood vessel or a poorly compliant structure such as a nerve fascicle will be reduced.
All these requirements are effectively addressed by the flow through fibula osteocutaneous flap, (2) where the peroneal artery restores the vascular deficit by acting as the conduit; the fibula provides the skeletal continuity (sometimes as a single bone forearm reconstruction); the peroneus longus harvested on an independent peroneal artery perforator, provides for reconstruction of the muscle tendon deficit, if the vascularised superficial peroneal nerve fascicle is also harvested, it will facilitate functional reconstruction.
However, no suitable nerve fascicle could be identified for cable nerve graft anastomosis and primary nerve grafting was not done.
13) In both studies none of the patients displayed any sequelae from sacrificing an ulnar nerve fascicle as a donor.
Histologic examination of a cross section of the affected nerve shows irregularly enlarged, hypercellular nerve fascicle (Figure 7, B) containing spindled perineurial cells arranged in pseudo-onion bulb-like whorls around one or more centrally situated Schwann cell and axons in varying stages of degeneration (Figures 7, C, and 8, A).
Fascicular branches from the central artery passed to supply the different nerve fascicles inside the tibial nerve.
The muscle is usually not perceived to be weaker, as the number of motor units innervated by the remaining nerve fascicles increases significantly within a few weeks and there should not be any discernable sensory deficit after the procedure.
Histopathological samples confirming lipomatous tissue surrounding the nerve fascicles (C, D) Intraoperative surgical specimen (B) enlarged fusiform median nerve with fibro-fatty tissue proliferation extended from the distal forearm to mid palm.
It can be external or internal, during which individual nerve fascicles are dissected.