nerve ending

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nerve end·'ing

any one of the specialized terminations of peripheral sensory or motor nerve fibers. See: motor endplate, corpuscle, bulb.

nerve ending

The termination of a nerve fiber (axon or dendrite) in a peripheral structure. It may be sensory (receptor) or motor (effector). Sensory endings can be nonencapsulated (e.g., free nerve endings, peritrichal endings, or tactile corpuscles of Merkel) or they can be encapsulated (e.g., end-bulbs of Krause, Meissner's corpuscles, Vater-Pacini corpuscles, or neuromuscular and neurotendinous spindles).

nerve ending

the tip of a nerve fibre in the form of either an END ORGAN or a small branching structure.

nerve end·ing

(nĕrv ending)
A specialized termination of peripheral sensory nerve fibers.
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Injection of small volumes gradually and progressively allows the cutaneous nerve endings to accommodate for the distortion caused by anesthetic infiltration and thereby, substantially minimizing the pain.
The researchers, who published their results in the current issue of Advanced Healthcare Materials, developed a novel hybrid conduit that consisted of a soft material, called a hydrogel, as an external wall along with an internal wall made of an electrically-active conducting polymer to serve as a tunnel that guides the regrowth and reconnection of the severed nerve endings.
The problem surgeons' face when adapting nerves in traumatized patients with more complex injuries is the fact that most commonly there is a loss of matter and therefore a gap between the functional nerve endings and hence a tension-free suture cannot be achieved.
A paper cut tends to irritate these nerve endings rather than destroy them like a deep knife cut might.
Results of ipsilateral and contralateral control biopsies discount a hypothesized effect of swelling on the number of nerve endings, and the fact that a control group of seven osteoarthritis patients with severe leg pain, edema, and disuse had no loss of nerve endings discounts the hypothesis that pain "burns out" nerve endings, Dr.
When pressed against the sample site, a series of eight raised dots on the platform stimulate the nerve endings, which sends a message of comfort to the brain--masking the weaker pain stimulus from the lancet.
Anyone who has had chickenpox is at risk for shingles, a painful rash that occurs when the varicella virus reactivates after years of lying dormant in nerve endings.
Williams, 22, severed a nerve in his right shoulder when taking a fall on the Evan Williams-trained The Spacer in a handicap chase, and had to undergo an eight-and-a-half-hour operation at Morriston Hospital in Swansea in which nerve endings from above his right ankle were transplanted to his shoulder.
This disc quivers with almost as many raw nerve endings as Hole's Live Through This.
Jessica's only hope is for surgery on her nerve endings by Dr Ronald Zucker from the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.
Potassium ions penetrate the length of the dentin tubules and prevent repolarization of sensory nerve endings.