nerve ending

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nerve end·'ing

any one of the specialized terminations of peripheral sensory or motor nerve fibers. See: motor endplate, corpuscle, bulb.

nerve ending

The termination of a nerve fiber (axon or dendrite) in a peripheral structure. It may be sensory (receptor) or motor (effector). Sensory endings can be nonencapsulated (e.g., free nerve endings, peritrichal endings, or tactile corpuscles of Merkel) or they can be encapsulated (e.g., end-bulbs of Krause, Meissner's corpuscles, Vater-Pacini corpuscles, or neuromuscular and neurotendinous spindles).

nerve ending

the tip of a nerve fibre in the form of either an END ORGAN or a small branching structure.

nerve end·ing

(nĕrv ending)
A specialized termination of peripheral sensory nerve fibers.
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The axon arrives at the motor end plate and sprouts nerve endings, but voluntary muscular contraction may still not be possible due to a "maturation" phase involving nerve, end plate, and muscle.
The nerve endings translate these odor stimuli to an electrical impulse which varies with the character of the aroma and its concentration.
These microneedles can be designed to disrupt only the most superficial layers of the skin to avoid nerve endings and blood vessels, making them painless and safer than hypodermic needles.
But between that time and for many years following, the Valencia girl has needed more surgeries, stemming from complications with the first operation, that severed some nerve endings in her brain stem, leaving sections of her face paralyzed.
Reflexology involves the stimulation of the nerve endings in the feet to improve health and prevent disease.
It is known that zinc reacts with amyloid beta to cause the amyloid plaques around nerve endings in Alzheimer's disease.
Following some trigger event, the virus "wakes up" or is reactivated and travels through the nerve endings toward your lips.
Because your symptoms were episodic, you can be suspicious of a circulatory problem to the brain or nerve endings.
Normally when impulses travel down the nerve, the nerve endings release a neurotransmitter substance called acetylcholine.
I will tell you, the nerve endings are a little more sensitive than when I was 25.
Common ingredients like camphor or menthol in over-the-counter ointments can numb sensory nerve endings and mask an itch with a tingling sensation.
No, Reno's transgressions cut beneath the skin and expose some rather sensitive cultural nerve endings.