nerve conduction velocity

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nerve con·duc·tion ve·loc·i·ty (NCV),

the rate of impulse conduction in a peripheral nerve or its various component fibers, generally expressed in meters per second.
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It is the focal demyelination followed by slow remyelination that results in the slow nerve conduction velocity seen in these conditions because of the loss of saltatory conduction by myelin.
Delayed sensory nerve conduction velocity or prolonged sensory latencies rank second in incidence.
In addition, fibers of different diameters and degree of myelination determine the nerve conduction velocity (NCV).
In such situation even minor nerve entrapment can lead to clinically expressed compression neuropathy with nerve conduction velocity compromise, sensory disturbances, pain and other complaints.
No statistically significant correlation was found between hearing loss (both higher and lower frequency) with Diabetic Neuropathy Symptom Score-DNS; or average nerve conduction velocity independently.
The nerve conduction velocity was recorded using RMS EMG EP Mark II machine (Chandigarh).
Moreover, cryotherapy influences neuromuscular properties including nerve conduction velocity and muscle contraction [21].
Previous studies have shown a linear relationship between limb temperature and nerve conduction velocity in juvenile chickens, (35) dogs, (36) and horses.
It should be noted that patient's right radial nerve conduction velocity value was graded as within lower end-range of the normal limits measuring 53 m/s but this result was still above what is typically viewed upon as pathological (a decrease of equal or greater than 20%).
They examined specific nerves in the lower leg, measuring parameters such as myelinated fiber density and nerve conduction velocity.
Doctors use this test in conjunction with nerve conduction velocity (NCV) studies to diagnose a variety of muscle and nerve dysfunctions, such as pinched nerves, peripheral neuropathy (including carpal tunnel syndrome), muscle degeneration (myopathy, including muscular dystrophy) and others.