nerve conduction velocity

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nerve con·duc·tion ve·loc·i·ty (NCV),

the rate of impulse conduction in a peripheral nerve or its various component fibers, generally expressed in meters per second.
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Despite the fact that we were not able to correlate these changes with myo-inositol concentrations in these tissues, we observed decreased nerve conduction velocity in the same periods that others found decreased levels of myo-inositol using this same experimental model.
Myelination, diameter of the nerve fibre, and internodal differences are the determinants of nerve Conduction velocity. [18] Myelination of peripheral nervous system begins during the fourth month of foetal life and gets completed at around 5 years of age.
We have previously demonstrated that decreased vascular reactivity by epineurial arterioles, resistance size vessels that provide circulation to the sciatic nerve, to acetylcholine precedes decrease in motor nerve conduction velocity [26].
Maruyama, "Time-course changes in nerve conduction velocity (NCV) in type 2 diabetes," Journal of Diabetes and its Complications, vol.
Delayed sensory nerve conduction velocity or prolonged sensory latencies rank second in incidence.
We also investigated the effect of quercetin-loaded zein-based polymeric nanofiber mats on nerve conduction velocity (NCV).
Results: The result showed that nerve conduction velocity gradually decreased from the controls (63.68 +- 17.47) as compared to the individuals with a raised sugar level (42.
Effect ofSkin Temperature on Nerve Conduction Velocity and Reliability of Temperature Correction Formula in Indian Females.
The counsel said Sison suspects that it may be due to her previous cervical spine problem and "the doctors recommend that President Arroyo undergo Electromyography and Nerve Conduction Velocity (EMG-NCV) testing."
Nerve conduction velocity tests can help distinguish between MS and Sjogren's.
At different time points (7, 14, and 28 days) after contusion, we performed surface electromyography (EMG) and measured the nerve conduction velocity (NCV) of the GM and the GM branch of the tibial nerve.
Tests of somatosensory function by vibration will be abnormal prior to changes in nerve conduction velocity. Thus vibration testing in a sub-clinical group of participants may a more sensitive measure of nerve function compared to nerve conduction by electrodiagnostic testing.