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One or two polyglucosan bodies in a single nerve biopsy specimen are considered a nonspecific finding.
9,10) In the absence of AFB in the nerve biopsy specimens features like endoneurial or perineural mononuclear infiltrate and perineural fibrosis are suggestive of leprous neuritis in an endemic country.
It can be done on any nerve as compared to nerve biopsy, which can be done only on sural nerve.
Nerve biopsy, although not widely practiced, has been shown to be more specific in the diagnosis of leprosy.
Needle aspiration cytology or a nerve biopsy is often required for the diagnosis.
Nerve biopsy revealed the focal loss of large myelinated nerve fibres without inflammation, granuloma, vasculitis or AFB.
15-17) Therefore, in countries where leprosy occurs it can be difficult to differentiate ulnar nerve neuropathy at the elbow from PNL and it requires a nerve biopsy or fine needle aspiration cytology for the correct diagnosis.
leprae DNA in the sural nerve biopsy, a technique that is diagnostic for leprosy and was reported positive in 47% of patients with PNL in a study from Brazil.
Anti-leprosy treatment (multi-bacillary regimen) was re-started in view of presence of lepra bacilli in the nerve biopsy.