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A steroid alkaloid derived from Holarrhena antidysenterica (conessi); a yellow astringent, used to treat amebic dysentery and vaginal trichomoniasis.
See also: conessi.
Synonym(s): neriine, wrightine
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Two toxic cardiac glycosides (cardenolides), oleandrin and neriine, have been isolated from all parts of the plant and reported as positive inotropic, negative chronotropic, cross reactive, and very similar to the toxin in foxglove (Digitalis) [3, 4].
Oleander contains two potent cardiac glycosides or cardenolides, oleandrin and neriine, which are present in all parts of plant [6,10].
Nature lover Reza Khan said nerium oleander which grows in the wet wadi beds of the Hajar mountains is very poisonous and contains toxins like oleandrin and neriine which are cardiac glycosides.