Toxic cardiac glycoside found in Thevetia peruviana.
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These fatalities occurred due to high concentrations of cardiac glycosides (neriifolin, thevetin A, thevetin B, and oleandrin) in seeds.
PHARMACOLOGICAL ASPECTS: Toxins identified: Cerberin (Monoacetyl neriifolin), Cerberoside, Odollin, Odollotoxin, Thevetin, Cerapain, 17-alpha neriifolin, 17-beta neriifolin, Tanghinin, Deacetyl tanghinin.
CYTOTOXIC: Neriifolin and Deacetyl tanghinin have cytotoxic effect- tried in Oral epidermoid Ca, hormone responsive Breast Ca, Small cell lung Ca.
cerebrin, (Apocynaceae) neriifolin, thevetin Xanthium Entire plant when Carboxytractylo- strumarium L.
CYTOTOXIC: Neriifolin and Deacetyl tanghinin have anti-proliferative / cytotoxic effect--tried in Oral epidermoid Ca, Small cell lung Ca, Breast Ca (anti-estrogenic).
TOXINS: IMPORTANT ONE: Cerberin (Monoacetyl neriifolin).