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A metallomembrane endopeptidase enzyme, a major constituent of kidney brush-border membranes. Also found in the brain. Identical to common acute lymphoblastic leukemic antigen.
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(2005) Etiology of sporadic Alzheimer's disease: somatostatin, neprilysin, and amyloid [beta] peptide.
The biopsy was taken from the right piriformis of the larynx, and revealed tumour cells positive for CD-10 (neprilysin, neutral endopeptidase), vimentin, and EMA and negative for cytokeratin 7.
In vitro Pb exposure disturbs the balance between A[beta] production and elimination: the role of A[beta]PP and neprilysin. Neurotoxicology 32:300-306.
Recently, a group of researchers from the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla, California, developed a gene delivery system to carry the human neprilysin gene, which makes an enzyme that degrades beta-amyloid (Mart et al., 2003).
Tomita T, Iwatsubo T, Saido TC (2001) Neprilysin degrades both amyloid beta peptides 1-40 and 1-42 most rapidly and efficiently among thiorphan-and phosphoramidon-sensitive endopeptidases.
The team of researchers led by Takaomi Saido of the Riken Brain Science Institute, an affiliate of the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (Riken), found in animal experiments that the enzyme Neprilysin ''cleans up'' the substance Beta-amyloid in the brain.
PARAGON-HF - Angiotensin Receptor Neprilysin Inhibition in Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction
The second drug is sacubitril, a unique drug that blocks the activity of an enzyme called neprilysin. Like ACEIs and ARBs, ARNIs relax blood vessels and help the body eliminate fluid and sodium.
In this work, we detected 5 DN effector proteins differentially abundant among the three cohorts: osteopontin, neprilysin, fibronectin, kininogen-1, and VCAM-1 (Table 3(a)).
Effects of neprilysin expression on stromal and breast cancer cell invasion, Lipscomb University, Nashville, Tennessee.
However, the concentration of such ring cleavage fragments is likely to be very low, owing to the low rates of hydrolysis of neprilysin on the BNP ring structure (30), and the absence of ring cleavage fragments from mass spectrometry studies (13, 14).
ENK degradation is performed by two neuropeptidases called metallopeptidases: aminopeptidase N and neutral endopeptidase (or neprilysin) [26, 27].