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To date, few clinical studies have demonstrated the importance of NGAL in diagnosis of possible AKI in partial nephrectomies. However, Abbasi et al.
Pathological analyses revealed renal cell carcinoma in 72% and 89% of the radical nephrectomies in the RN and TLN groups, respectively, without surgically positive margins in all cases.
This was compared to all the other urological procedures performed during the study period, including nephrectomies for malignant diseases.
The sample size in their study was 67 laparoscopic nephrectomies and 55 open nephrectomies.
(3,4,8) Two separate studies demonstrate the presence of diagnostic pathologic findings in as much as 90% (9) and more than 60% (4) of the kidneys where the nontumor portion from tumor nephrectomies were reviewed.
Objective: To evaluate the impact of 3-month laparoscopic fellowship programme (LFP) on the laparoscopy experience mainly related to laparoscopic nephrectomies.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Laparoscopic surgery accounted for more nephrectomies and nephroureterectomies in 2002-2003 than in the prior 2 years, Dr.
For example, if a center wants to perform laparoscopic donor nephrectomies, the qualifying donor surgeon must have performed no fewer than 15 hand-assisted laparoscopic nephrectomies, or asking as primary surgeon on no fewer than 15 in the past 3 years.
In Hartford Hospital, of the 104 patients treated with handoscopy between March 1998 and August 1999, there were 52 radical nephrectomies, 15 nephroureterectomies, eight simple nephrectomies, two partial nephrectomies, and 27 donor nephrectomies.
(9) Both of our patients had prior partial nephrectomies and ablations of their remaining single kidney, and reduced nephron mass may have been a predisposing factor for this toxicity.
This can be an independent risk factor for developing chronic renal insufficiency in partial nephrectomies. (6)
Operating times are on average an hour longer than for open nephrectomies, laparoscopic equipment and disposables are expensive, and there is a steep learning curve.