neoprene sleeve

ne·o·prene sleeve

(nē'ō-prēn slēv)
A sheath of synthetic rubber used to provide warmth and minor support to an upper or lower limb.
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A zippered Neoprene sleeve for added padding and protection
The Clipper Condom consists of a form-fitted neoprene sleeve that fits perfectly around your grooming tool of choice, and an exterior drawstring carrying case for easy portability and an added layer of protection.
The neoprene sleeve under the Poron XRD did a good job of keeping out the water when the case was held under a running tap.
Massage, a night splint to stretch the heel cords, or a neoprene sleeve for compression during the day can relieve calf pain, a common problem among runners of all ages that often stems from a strained gastrocnemius or soleus muscle (see below).
buttress, DJO, Inc) was constructed of a neoprene sleeve with a J-shaped buttress pad positioned inferior-lateral to the patella, a cutout over the patella, and a lateral-to-medial external stabilization strap (Figure 3(b)).
He wore a neoprene sleeve on his sprained knee when he returned to the game with 5:04 left in the quarter.
Telcommand is easy to use and is held in place with a Neoprene sleeve and adjustable armband.
com) Poppy Neoprene Sleeve ($40) in just about any bag, and, when covered with the stickers of your favorite dyke bands, the plastic Junior Bond ($7) from Romanoff (www.
In addition to its comfortable pistol grip, the straight-line buttstock/air tank sports a neoprene sleeve and a flat metal buttplate for extra comfort.
The Java Soc[TM] is a thermo insulating Neoprene sleeve designed to fit snug a round to-go cups - hot or cold.
The Motion Armband, for example, is a neoprene sleeve for the iPhone and iPod Touch and features a convenient key slot.