neoprene sleeve

ne·o·prene sleeve

(nē'ō-prēn slēv)
A sheath of synthetic rubber used to provide warmth and minor support to an upper or lower limb.
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- A zippered Neoprene sleeve for added padding and protection
The Clipper Condom consists of a form-fitted neoprene sleeve that fits perfectly around your grooming tool of choice, and an exterior drawstring carrying case for easy portability and an added layer of protection.
* Compression (e.g., wearing an ACE bandage or Neoprene sleeve)
The neoprene sleeve under the Poron XRD did a good job of keeping out the water when the case was held under a running tap.
Massage, a night splint to stretch the heel cords, or a neoprene sleeve for compression during the day can relieve calf pain, a common problem among runners of all ages that often stems from a strained gastrocnemius or soleus muscle (see below).
buttress, DJO, Inc) was constructed of a neoprene sleeve with a J-shaped buttress pad positioned inferior-lateral to the patella, a cutout over the patella, and a lateral-to-medial external stabilization strap (Figure 3(b)).
If you're feeling handy, you can make your own neoprene sleeve; neoprene is easily cut into pieces and glued together.
Telcommand is easy to use and is held in place with a Neoprene sleeve and adjustable armband.
The knitted brace costs about twice as much as a neoprene brace ($85 for the Bauerfeind Genutrain P3 versus $32 for an Orthotech neoprene sleeve), but the additional cost may be well worth it, Dr.
In addition to its comfortable pistol grip, the straight-line buttstock/air tank sports a neoprene sleeve and a flat metal buttplate for extra comfort.