neonatal lupus

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ne·o·na·tal lu·pus

lupus erythematosus occurring in newborn children of mothers who had lupus during pregnancy; screens to measure anti-SSA antibodies usually should be undertaken; 50% have antinuclear antibodies. Various skin lesions are seen, which can resolve or leave scars; the syndrome usually resolves; however, cardiac manifestations can be fatal. Some children develop lupus erythematosus later in life.

neonatal lupus

Rash, abnormally low platelet counts, liver and brain disease, and congenital heart block occurring in an infant whose mother has systemic lupus erythematosus. The disease results from the passage of maternal autoantibodies to the developing fetus. Although most of the findings resolve spontaneously, congenital heart block does not, and it may require the insertion of a pacemaker.
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One to 2 percent of babies born to mothers with certain autoantibodies (SSA-Ro and/or SSB-La) are born with neonatal lupus, a condition that often resolves itself within three to six months.
The cutaneous manifestations of neonatal lupus erythematosus can tip you off to this condition, she said.
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Neonatal lupus comprises several fetal and neonatal manifestations that share in common the in utero exposure to maternal anti-SSA/Ro antibodies (with or without anti-SSB/ La antibodies).
Neonatal lupus can affect babies of mothers with SSA/Ro and SSB/La autoantibodies, and can appear as a transient rash that disappears by the time the baby is about 6 months old, or, in rare cases, as a transient abnormal blood or liver condition.
Diagnosis: Neonatal lupus This infant has neonatal lupus erythematosus, a rare syndrome in which maternal autoantibodies are passively transferred to the baby and cause cutaneous lesions or isolated congenital heart block.
Curiously, there is no evidence to date that SLE patients' offspring suffer an increased incidence of autoimmune SLE or that infants with neonatal lupus are at an increased risk.
Neonatal lupus can affect some newborn babies of women with SLE or certain other immune system disorders.
Currently, the chip identifies antibodies associated with approximately 10 different collagenosis and vasculitis-related autoimmune diseases, including systemic and neonatal lupus and systemic sclerosis.

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