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 (Ne) [ne´on]
a chemical element, atomic number 10, atomic weight 20.183. (See Appendix 6.)

ne·on (Ne),

An inert gaseous element in the atmosphere, separated from argon by W. Ramsay and M. Travers in 1898; atomic no. 10, atomic wt. 20.1797.
[G. neos, new]


/ne·on/ (Ne) (ne´on) a chemical element, at. no. 10.

neon (Ne)

Etymology: Gk, neos, new
a colorless, odorless, inert gaseous element. Its atomic number is 10; its atomic mass is 20.18. Neon has no compounds and occurs in the atmosphere in the ratio of about 18 parts per million. Some minerals and meteorites contain traces of this element. It is prepared commercially by the fractional distillation of liquefied air and is one of the first components to boil off. Neon is an excellent conductor of electricity, which ionizes the gas and causes it to emit a reddish-orange glow. This characteristic makes neon useful in devices to warn against electric current overload.


An inert gaseous element in the atmosphere; atomic no. 10, atomic wt. 20.1797.
[G. neos, new]


a chemical element, atomic number 10, atomic weight 20.183, symbol Ne. See Table 6.
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