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1. destroying nematodes.
2. an agent that destroys nematodes.
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, nematocide (nĕ-mat'i-sīd),
An agent that kills nematodes.
[nematode + L. caedo, to kill]
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(nĕm′ə-tĭ-sīd′, nə-măt′ĭ-)
A substance or agent used to kill nematodes.

nem′a·to·cid′al, nem′a·ti·cid′al (-sīd′l) adj.
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(The neem plant is native to India.) The mode of action is as an insecticide, repellent, growth inhibitor, nematocide, fungicide, and antiviral action.
Product(s): Fungicides, post-emergent herbicides, pre-emergent herbicides, insecticides, nematocides
Pesticides include insecticides, fungicides and herbicides and other minor groups such as acaricides and nematocides. Globally, pesticide sales have soared since the 1970s and in some countries a significant amount of data about pesticide production and use are valuable.
They include eight herbicides, eight fungicides, 17 insecticides, two nematocides, and a miscellaneous category that includes metals, toxic industrial by-products, and commercial chemicals, such as styrenes.
The workers were able to document 9 different nematocides with which they worked, 6 herbicides, 11 fungicides, 8 insecticides and 11 fertilizers.
Both of these chemical technical-grade products are refined further by other FMC plants or other agricultural chemical makers around the world to make finished insecticides and nematocides (worm killers).