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, nematocide (nĕ-mat'i-sīd),
An agent that kills nematodes.
[nematode + L. caedo, to kill]
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Our latest developments include fungicides, insecticides and nematicides with a biological mode of action for foliar and soil-applied uses and for use as seed treatments.
The recently launched product Velum/Verango is a breakthrough nematicide with a novel mode of action for efficient root protection and sustainable soil pest management.
The trials examined a range of primary and secondary cultivation options using commercially available machinery, alongside trials examining nematicide and in-furrow application of fungicides.
It has been concluded from present research that certain plant extracts are a source of cheap and effective nematicides of root knot nematodes and fungicide of Fusarium, also it doesn't has human and environment health implications.
In strawberry production, it has been estimated that 40 percent of the United States' strawberry acreage is infested with nematodes and 70 percent of the acreage receives chemical nematicide treatment.
There have been reports on the use of Tagetes species as a nematicide.
Insecticide, nematicide, and fungicide seed treatments were compared to the performance of insecticide, nematicide, and fungicide applied in-furrow.
She describes the juridical struggles that took place after large numbers of banana workers sued, in the USA, pesticide producers and banana corporations for the use of nematicide DBCP in banana cultivation when the companies knew beforehand about the possible negative health effects of the use of such pesticide.
The nematicide was first produced in the late 1950s by Dow and Shell, which conducted toxicity tests before U.
Kookana RS, Phang C, Aylmore LAG (1997) Transformation and degradation of fenamiphos nematicide and its metabolites in soils.
It is the control variety in a vast number of plant breeding, nematicide, herbicide, ripener, irrigation and disease-screening trials.
Pat Haydock, leader of the Nematology and Entomology Research group at Harper Adams College, said Ms Osborn wanted to obtain a collection of field soil samples, from throughout the UK, where a nematicide had not performed as well as expected.