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, nematocide (nĕ-mat'i-sīd),
An agent that kills nematodes.
[nematode + L. caedo, to kill]
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Farmers need new, long-lasting nematicides with novel modes of action and favorable ecological and toxicological characteristics, said Hartwig Dauck, Manager responsible for the Nematode Control Strategy at Bayer CropScience.
2000) reported that non-fumigant nematicides can be easily and safely applied as compared to fumigants, which are most widely used such as carbofuran, aldicarb, fenamiphos, fosthiazate cadusafos, oxamyl, ethoprop and organophosphate based nematicides.
Herbicide losses of up to 5 percent from the mesoplots and 9 percent from the smaller plots; nematicide losses of 1 percent or less (because it was incorporated into the soil).
According to the company, NIMITZ is a novel, non-fumigant nematicide with higher user safety and sustainability, as well as simplified application features.
In addition, the market is categorized by function such as Fungicide, herbicide, insecticide, and nematicide.
Our biological nematicide BioAct Prime will contribute substantially to improved Integrated Pest Management programs.
Therefore, on the behalf of soil health and environment safety and economic feasibility a treatment of oil cake + bioagent combination or oil cake + reduced dosage of nematicide application serves better alternative to manage root knot nematode.
VBC's investment in Research and Development program has led to a rich pipeline of products which include bioinsecticides and a nematicide.
GROWERS gathered this week in North Yorkshire where Potato Council-funded cultivation and nematicide trials were on show.