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neigong (nāˑ·gng),

n a form of Qi gong in which the practitioner uses the mind to move qi through the meridians. See also qi gong.
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Yang presents Neigong: Martial Qigong for Internal Power, a two-DVD set designed to teach the viewer about the traditional Chinese art of neigong (which literally translates to "internal skill"), a practice that involves coordinating movement and breathing and applying Daoist and Buddhist techniques to cultivate and store one's qi (energy) as well as maximize circulation.
com, offers a two-disc DVD set including step-by-step instructions for both qigong and neigong (which focuses on meditation), and comes with a full, detailed companion guide and a quick-start guide that includes short qigong forms you can perform anywhere.
wo congqian ting shifu shuo, zhe xinjing de wo before hear master say this heart-sutra MM neigong xu er ren tong lian internal-power must two persons together practice `I heard from my master before that this kind of internal power based on heart-sutra must be practiced by two persons together.