neglect of duty

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ne·glect of du·ty

, omission of duty
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Of the six allegations facing Cairns, Graham found enough evidence for the authority to consider two neglect of duty claims.
The main areas of complaint were neglect of duty, incivility and intolerance.
Sergeant Michael Hetherington of the 1st Battalion, The Rifles, denies neglect of duty.
TWO Army NCOs cleared of killing a young soldier in a punishment known as "beasting" face a new probe for neglect of duty.
Lothian and Borders Police said: "A 44-year-old officer was suspended from duty on March 12 for wilful neglect of duty.
Admiral John Byng was court martialled and shot on the quarterdeck of his own ship after being found guilty of neglect of duty.
The Very Rev John Methuen was to face 21 charges of conduct unbecoming the office and work of a clerk in Holy Orders and one offence of serious, persistent or continuous neglect of duty.
The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) ordered that six officers from the Metropolitan Police should face a tribunal for alleged neglect of duty.
The data does not reveal the nature of the complaints but allegations investigated by the Police Complaints Authority include racially discriminatory behaviour, corrupt practice and neglect of duty.
He was also the subject of seven neglect of duty allegations and six preventable traffic collisions resulting in five admonishments and 35 suspension days for a total of 101 suspension days.
An inspector, constable and sergeant from Devon and Cornwall Constabulary all admitted a charge neglect of duty following the death of 33-year-old Rugby woman Davina Rappai in August 1998.
I have concerns about thenumber of complaints of rudeness, intolerance and neglect of duty highlighted by the IPCC although it must be added that most officers carry out their duties in a first-class manner.