negative valence

neg·a·tive va·lence

the number of valence electrons an atom can take up.
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We might expect that this class reorganization changed the valence of the arbitrary stimuli, such that, for instance, Dl, that had acquired a positive valence after initial training, should acquire a negative valence after class reorganization.
Thus, after initial training, Dl, D2, and D3 had acquired, respectively, positive, neutral, and negative valences.
That is why stereotyping is thought to have a negative valence.
2010a), that showed a reduction of driver reaction time when a negative valence was associated to the presented stimuli.
Hebb University Professor of Psychology, director of the university's Center for Cognitive Brain Imaging and leading neuroscientist, explained, "We found that three main organizing factors underpinned the emotion neural signatures, namely the positive or negative valence of the emotion, its intensity -- mild or strong, and its sociality -- involvement or non-involvement of another person.
Second, elements can have positive or negative emotional connections to other elements: Thagard offers the example of dentist acquiring negative valence through its association with the intrinsically negative valence of pain.
Will you also drop the negative valence with which trim is charged
The findings, challenge classic behavioral models in neuroscience, social psychology and economics, in which the distinct poles of positive and negative valence do not converge.
What we now know is that common, household objects carry subtle positive or negative valences and that these valences have an impact on our day-to-day behaviour," he explained.
This model becomes a vehicle by which Berger exposes the ideological moves implicit in Kenneth Clark's valuations of the nude and the naked, and reverses the positive and negative valences attaching to this contrast (430-42).