negative valence

neg·a·tive va·lence

the number of valence electrons an atom can take up.
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There's positive and negative valence, but never something between or nuanced.
The negative valence asymmetrical phenomenon should be tested to understand the nature of premier expression.
He explained the borderline personality patient's typical negative valence as the result of this hyper-threat detection, often rooted in experiences in which people who professed to care for them acted contrary to their words, as in cases of incest.
On the other hand, neuroimaging studies have reported that extroversion was found to be correlated with low level of arousal [38] and correlated with positive valence, while neuroticism was correlated with high level of arousal and to negative valence [39].
This tendency is tested in a peer context, involving emotions of positive and negative valence.
Third, positive and negative valence can be represented as nodes in the associative structure of social knowledge.
It is difficult but slightly observable that left or right lateralization corresponds to positive or negative valence as indicated by previous works [6, 7].
We might expect that this class reorganization changed the valence of the arbitrary stimuli, such that, for instance, Dl, that had acquired a positive valence after initial training, should acquire a negative valence after class reorganization.
corresponding to a positive or negative valence respectively.
Clarifying the affective-cognitive relationships attributable to valence separate from those of activation is important in entrepreneurship because the latter is a process likely to be infused by all types of affect, including both positive and negative valence as well as high and low activation.
In Group C1, negative valence of unpleasant music (V = 3.