negative transference

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neg·a·tive trans·fer·ence

transference characterized by predominantly hostile feelings on the part of the patient toward the analyst.
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Negative transference apparently assumes many forms.
A third concern for the use of male therapists when treating women for chemical dependency is related to possible negative transference that could occur between the female client(s) and the male counselor (Threadcraft & Wilcoxon, 1993).
Reich's main contributions include an emphasis on negative transference, the substitution of treatment of neurotic character attitudes for treatment of symptoms, and, above all, his discovery of the "muscular armor," the way in which repressed emotions are anchored in chronic muscular rigidities.
This is the negative transference at work in the reproduction of cultural and literary practice.
One of the most often encountered ingredients of a malpractice lawsuit is negative transference toward the defendant psychiatrist and/or negative counter-transference by the psychiatrist toward the plaintiff.
It is almost always because a negative transference has developed and has not been brought out into the open.
Waiting for the negative transference to resolve on its own usually is not a good strategy.
The therapists' avoidance of ruptures and immediate healing of them--by offering extra sessions, phone contact, and other concrete help to the patient--might have reflected either an unconscious desire to avoid the patient's negative transference or an unconscious awareness of the patient's fragility and volatility Dr.