negative phase

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neg·a·tive phase

the period during which the opsonic index is lowered following the injection of a vaccine.
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A new "delayed-start" analysis of negative Phase 3 clinical trials of solanezumab (Lilly) which suggests that the drug may slow the progression of mild Alzheimer's disease.
One can manage the protection settings for Group Phase Overcurrent (OC), Negative Phase Sequence (NPS), Earth Fault (EF) and Sensitive Earth Faults can be managed through auto reclose mapping, protection curves and directional element configuration.
For instance, when it's in its negative phase, cold air is typically bottled up in the East, freezing cities from New York to Boston.
Thus despite higher sales, the trend is still in the negative phase.
When the oscillation is in a negative phase, high-pressure cells push colder air toward the mid-latitudes, triggering colder temperatures and heavy snowstorms.
A negative phase triggers high pressure over the Arctic and low pressure at mid-latitudes, which makes the Arctic zone relatively warm, but spills cold Arctic air southward to places like the U.
The AO has generally been in a negative phase since summer 2009.
It's similar to the La Ni[+ or -]a-El Ni[+ or -]o pattern, but instead of lasting 12 to 18 months, the PDO can stay in a positive or negative phase for 10 to 20 years.
Syria's official Al-Baath newspaper said in a front-page headline on Sunday: "Three positive, honest, friendly hours C* break the ice and end the negative phase of the past.
Many other researchers, including Burgdorfer himself in 1951, "found no evidence of a negative phase or complex life cycle.
burnettii were positive with a phase 2 immunoglobulin M (IgM) titer of 256 (negative <1:64), phase 2 IgG titer of 128 (negative <16), and negative phase 1 serologic results.